October is International ADHD awareness month.  What are you paying attention to?


PlayDHD is the premier online channel for education and entertainment focused on Play and adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Our content is designed to bring awareness to you, our audience, about the importance and impact of play, particularly for those diagnosed with ADHD, or living with someone who has ADHD.

In addition to PlayDHD TV, we offer you information on play, fun products, and resources to build your community of play pals. Come join us on your lunch breaks, at recess, after dinner, or anytime you want to be inspired to play.

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    STATE WIDE (WGME) — Experts are raising awareness about getting help for adults with ADHD….




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Guest Stars

  • Play is Good by Tor Swanson

    "Play", at least in my world, tends to be incredibly useful and important.  Beyond the "normal" advantages or uses of play...


  • Play With Your Taxes

    Fun? You want to have fun doing your taxes? I thought you would never ask! Let’s start with an actionable idea – since this is really al…

  • ADHD is Not Always Fun; Our Repsonse to DM in Detroit

    On an individual, family and community level the accurate diagnosis and treatment of ADHD could improve lives, learning, and productivity of…

  • It’s All in The Brain

    According to editorial article in the Boston Globe published over the summer “The Food and Drug Administration approved the first brain wa…


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